Cathlene Pineda // Passing: A California Suite

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Cathlene Pineda // Passing: A California Suite


Passing: A California Suite by Cathlene Pineda
(ORENDA 0028)

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Released as a Compact Disc in a 4-panel digipak covered in original paintings by Cathlene Pineda, with a 12-page booklet with poetry by Eloise Klein-Healy, this album is a beautiful collector's item, as well as an incredible listening experience.

If you would prefer to order the digital download version, please visit our Bandcamp Store, or purchase from the Bandcamp player below. Digital version only $9.99!


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Cathlene Pineda - piano and compositions
Kris Tiner - trumpet
David Tranchina - bass
Paul Kikuchi - drums

Los Angeles based pianist and composer, Cathlene Pineda’s second Orenda Records album, Passing: A California Suite stands out as a unique and original voice in the jazz world. Pineda’s artful compositions, her quartet’s cohesive sound and understated virtuosity, and her creative use of poetry and original artwork tell a story that connects to the core of the human experience.

Passing: A California Suite was inspired by the poetry of Los Angeles' first poet-laureate, Eloise Klein-Healy and commissioned by the Los Angeles Jazz Society. The suite’s over-arching theme comes from "Passing," a poem about the ephemeral beauty of life and the deep roots that outlast generations. The churning rhythms in “The Beach at Sunset,” rich harmonies in “Passing,” and narrative development in “Cause” reflect Klein-Healy’s message of rooted ephemera and timeless connection. It is a deeply emotional journey through the awe-inspiring state of California.

To tell this story, Pineda taps long-time friends and collaborators, Kris Tiner on trumpet, David Tranchina on bass, and Paul Kikuchi on drums. Tiner’s rich melodic voice and sweetly singing trumpet tone perfectly compliment Pineda’s lyrical touch and thoughtful compositions. Tranchina’s warm bass sound, solid groove, and sense of melody interlock beautifully with Kikuchi’s subtle yet driving percussive sensibilities. The ensemble weaves their tale together and gives breath to a timeless sense of connection and reflection that embodies Klein-Healy’s poetic voice, and Pineda’s compositional vision. 

Filled with heart-wrenching melodies and rich textures, Passing: A California Suite tells the story of Los Angeles through the distinctive voices of two of LA’s preeminent female artists.