Jake Vossler & Aaron McLendon // Versus

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Jake Vossler & Aaron McLendon // Versus


...Versus by Jake Vossler & Aaron McLendon
(ORENDA 0026)

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Released as a both a Limited Edition Vinyl covered in original artwork by Eron Rauch, this is a rare and gorgeous collector's item!

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What happens when the most visceral guitarist you've ever heard and an uninhibited firebrand drummer go toe-to-toe in an avant-metal, free-jazz death match? Find out on this amazing death-metal-meets-late-Coltrane duo album!

Jake Vossler - Electric Guitar
Aaron McLendon - Drums

Recorded at Goldmine Recording Studios, Ventura, CA
Sound Engineered by Miles Ferrell
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom
Co-produced by Jake Vossler and Daniel Rosenboom
Photograph of Aaron McLendon by Michelle Shiers
Design & Photograph of Jake Vossler by Eron Rauch

All music © Jacob A Vossler, the 1st (ASCAP) and Cold Sea Productions (ASCAP) 2015. 
All Rights Reserved.