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Orenda Records Annual Subscription

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Subscribe to Orenda Records annually and receive all the music we release!

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Please consider an annual subscription to Orenda Records!

Orenda Records is an entirely artist-run and self-funded operation. We want to bring you the best products we possibly can, and elevate the artistic process and listening experience. However, funding high-level production can be costly, and we never want to sacrifice the quality of our products due to budget constraints. That's where YOU come in! By subscribing annually, you can receive all of the music we release, and you will be directly contributing to our ability to make GREAT art!

We have a variety of price points and annual subscription packages available:

  • $75 - Digital Downloads
  • $150 - CDs and Digital Downloads
  • $200 - Vinyl, CDs and Digital Downloads, and everything else

Thank you so much for considering a subscription to Orenda Records. Your contribution will help sustain us and will go directly towards bringing you the best products we can imagine!

*SUBSCRIPTION DISCLAIMER: Given the nature of the creative artistic process, Orenda Records cannot guarantee a certain number or catalog of releases within a calendar year. However, your subscription fee goes directly toward ensuring the quality and timely release of our products, and you will receive any products released in the current calendar year within your subscription level. Subscription fees are non-refundable.