Derrick Spiva Jr. // Prisms, Cycles, Leaps


Derrick Spiva Jr. // Prisms, Cycles, Leaps


Prisms, Cycles, Leaps by Derrick Spiva, Jr.
(ORENDA 0019)

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Released as a Compact Disc in a 4-panel digipak covered in original artwork by Eron Rauch, with a 12-page booklet with liner notes by Kim Tran, this album is a beautiful collector's item, as well as an incredible listening experience.

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This album is a sonic illustration of the body’s perception of rhythm and the ancient relationship between cycles in nature and the energy created by tempo. The album bridges several musical cultures and the genres of classical, world, and jazz. 

"Music, for me, has always been a doorway into understanding other cultures and different ways of living. Through learning music of other cultures, I believe that the opportunity for dialogue rather than conflict between strangers is opened, and we can become a society with less conflict due to cultural misunderstanding."

—Derrick Spiva, Jr., 2015

Composer: Derrick Spiva Jr. 
Arranged by Derrick Spiva Jr. and Ian Smith

Bridge to Everywhere: 
Flute: Christine Tavolacci
Oboe, English Horn: Paul Sherman
Clarinet: Brian Walsh
Bassoon: Maciej Flis
Alto, Soprano, Tenor Sax: Gavin Templeton
Horn: Allen Fogle
Trumpet: Daniel Rosenboom
Trombone: Steve Suminski
Tabla, Drums: Randy Gloss
Guitar: Marcel Camargo
Oud: Dimitris Mahlis
Voice: Hannah Arista
Violin/Viola: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Piano: Ian Smith

Executive Producers: Derrick Spiva Jr., Daniel Rosenboom, and Robert Cresswell
Engineer / Mixer: Ian Smith
Mastering: Daniel Rosenboom
Editing: Derrick Spiva Jr. and Ian Smith
Assistant: Kyle Duncan
Producers: Derrick Spiva Jr., Ian Smith, and Daniel Rosenboom
Recorded at: IAD Studios
Design and Art: Eron Rauch
Liner Notes: Kim Tran

Thank you to: 
My lovely wife Kim Tran, The Spiva Family, The Tran Family, Daniel Rosenboom, Robert Cresswell, Ian Krouse, Alex Shapiro, Ryan Bancroft, Jon Armstrong, Michael Prince

All Compositions by Derrick Spiva Jr. (ASCAP) 
Published by Derrick Spiva Music (ASCAP) 
©(P) Orenda Records 2015
All rights reserved.