Diamond Pulses // Daniel Corral

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Diamond Pulses // Daniel Corral


Diamond Pulses by Daniel Corral
(ORENDA 0020)

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Released as a Compact Disc in a 6-panel digipak covered in original artwork by Eron Rauch, this album is a beautiful collector's item, as well as an incredible listening experience.

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Daniel Corral - Electronics 

"Sound is all our dreams of music. Noise is music's dreams of us" 
—Morton Feldman 

Diamond Pulses started as a mockup for a microtonal Plinko game/sound-installation. I was looking through James Tenney’s musical sketches, and he worked a lot of ideas out on graph paper. I decided to get a pad of the stuff. Of course, what I immediately scrawled out on the first page was a combination of The Price is Right and an 11-limit tuning system. I pictured people dropping a quarter in at the top, and listening as it bounced down an obstacle course of just-tuned piano wire. It would still make a fun sound installation someday, and maybe I’d get rich one quarter at a time. 

But, that seed of Diamond Pulses instead grew into this album, which I am excited to share with you. Somewhere between the structural rigidity and spaced out washes of sound, there is a memory of standing by the ocean at 2am, listening to the hypnotic sets of waves and hearing the roaring swells of the city - a relentless parade of numbers and words ringing silent bells, making it impossible to focus on the endless business of trying to square an imperfect circle.

—Daniel Corral

Recorded and Produced by Daniel Corral 
© 2015 by Daniel Corral (ASCAP) 
Published by Spinal Frog Music (ASCAP) 

Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom 
Design & Photography by Eron Rauch