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Fell Runner by Fell Runner
(ORENDA 0021)

Now Available!

Released as a Compact Disc in a 4-panel digipak covered in original artwork by Eron Rauch, with a booklet of liner notes by the inimitable jazz/rock guitarist from Tortoise, Jeff Parker, this album is a beautiful collector's item, as well as an incredible listening experience.

If you would prefer to order the digital download version, please visit our Bandcamp Store, or purchase from the Bandcamp player below. Digital version only $9.99!

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Steven van Betten - Guitar and Vocals
Gregory Uhlmann - Guitar and Vocals
Patrick Kelly - Bass
Tim Carr - Drums and Vocals 

"For me, going to music school was a practical choice. Through my studies, I discovered a personal, relevant social relationship with music, as well as an artistic philosophy based in existentialist thought. I was studying jazz, but I wanted to use that history and the tools of the craft to make a statement based on my experiences. I was looking for - and I found - a community of peers who sought to do the same. We started our own bands, played our original compositions and explored our own concepts. Some music we made stayed close to tradition. Some was very far from it. But it was ours – it was our music. And so it goes, this is the journey. 

I see a similar movement among young musicians finding their voices in Los Angeles today. Fell Runner grew from both the music program at CalArts and its four musician's individual and collective journeys as a band. Their music is unique. Jagged, but also soulful and melodic. A noted West African influence surfaces in many of the guitar constructions, but I also hear fragments of sound reminiscent of Ian Williams and co. via Pittsburgh through Don Caballero, Chicago thru Storm and Stress and finally Brooklyn thru Battles. There are moments of abstract harmonic complexity (Cobwebs) and beauty (Fall Back) that are unmatched, to my ears, by any bands around today." 

Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Brian Blade Fellowship, AACM, etc)

Special Guest: Lauren Baba - Viola on "Cobwebs"

Engineered and Mixed by Greg Hartunian at Spherical Plot
Mastered by Carl Saff 

"Song of the Sun", "Better Isn't Always Better", "CA-14", "Rain Room", and "Fall Back" © Steven van Betten (ASCAP) 

"60 Seconds", "Badada", and "Cobwebs" © Gregory Uhlmann (ASCAP) 

Published by Fell Runner (ASCAP)


Photography & Design by Eron Rauch