Evil Genius // Bitter Human

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Evil Genius // Bitter Human


Bitter Human by Evil Genius
(ORENDA 0022)

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Released as a Compact Disc in a 6-panel digipak covered in original artwork by Vanessa Himeles, with a 12-page booklet with liner notes by Angela Allan, this album is a beautiful collector's item, as well as an incredible listening experience.

If you would prefer to order the digital download version, please visit our Bandcamp Store, or purchase from the Bandcamp player below. Digital version only $9.99!

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Max Kutner - Guitar 
Stefan Kac - Tuba 
Mike Lockwood - Drums


You have arrived at the spontaneous soundscapes of Evil Genius, just on the cusp of this dimension of sound and waiting to transcend to another. Sign in here. 

Now you may enter. There's no need to take off your jacket. Take a seat. Here, sip this iced tea. Or would you like a soda? No, there are no soy lattes. Don't be ridiculous! 

Now drink - it will calm your nerves. 

You are now ready to begin. 

You are now a participant in the experience. A series of experiments. Each experiment will uncover a new layer of understanding, a new level of intrigue. 

It may vary for you depending on you - are you cautious? Are you adventurous? 

Only time will tell. 

We hope you enjoy your stay... 

(excerpt from the liner notes by Angela Allan)

Produced by Max Kutner, Stefan Kac, Samur Khouja, and Daniel Rosenboom 

Recorded at Seahorse Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA February 6-7, 2014 

Engineered by Nathaniel Eras 
Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom 
Album Arwork by Vanessa Himeles 
Liner Notes by Angela Allan 

Evil Helpers: Barbara Ann Goldstein, Charles Himeles, Lee J. Hampton 

Tracks 1-3, 5-6, 9-10 (Maxwell Ryan Kutner / Maladept Music ASCAP)

Tracks 4, 7-8 (Stefan Andrew Lord Kac / Harry Mesomorph Music Publishing ASCAP)