Nathan Hubbard/Skeleton Key Orchestra // Furiously Dreaming


Nathan Hubbard/Skeleton Key Orchestra // Furiously Dreaming


Furiously Dreaming by the Nathan Hubbard/Skeleton Key Orchestra
(ORENDA 0031)

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Released as a Compact Disc in a double-gatefold covered in original artwork by Eron Rauch, this album is a beautiful collector's item, as well as an incredible listening experience.

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Furiously Dreaming
Nathan Hubbard / Skeleton Key Orchestra

Over three years in the making, Furiously Dreaming is a double CD of eight extended compositions highlighting stellar ensemble playing and intense soloing. Featuring 49 musicians, the music moves easily from free blowing density to metric grooves, slow moving string sections to a surprise bossa nova. Based around a core ensemble of six woodwinds, seven brass, five strings plus percussion and piano, each composition adds performers depending on its needs - multiple guitarists, percussionists, vocalists and electronics are included in different pieces. As with the previous recording, there is also a focus on a larger sound world, with the use of samples, electronics, field recordings and post-production manipulation. Furiously Dreaming takes this aesthetic further with drum loops, synthesizers and lo-fidelity recording techniques playing important roles in the compositions.

As Hubbard describes - "Integration has always been the key to this group, whether that's conductor and band, technology and humans, or notation and improvisation. With all the far-reaching ideas on this recording, I was determined to have a unified presentation of materials and resources. I have been fortunate over the years to have a core group of collaborators who have helped me to build upon earlier concepts and expand new ideas. While performing situations for a 26-member ensemble have been few and far between over the last decade, the work outside of this group has played a key part to the momentum and growth of the music. Its important to note that many of the performers have been in the band since our first performance in 2001. I'm excited to feature many players from San Diego as well as multiple performers from Los Angeles and beyond that I've had long-standing musical relationships with."

"The compositions on Furiously Dreaming were written as a group, composed and revised several times between 2004-2009. While several of these pieces were debuted at the Ensenada Jazz Festival 2005, almost half were never performed before recording. Many of my compositional interests of the last ten years are present here and you will notice a push in (several) new directions. Often these directions are a closer look into a structural idea (and we all fall down), or expansion of a sonic area (mirror forgot). There are also a few strange moments where the world of traditional big-bands rears its head (most noticeably on furiously dreaming). As with previous recordings, I still find the use of a small group soloing against the large ensemble to fulfill all the musical and community aspects that I love about this medium. Many of these situations are based around working groups, allowing for a more cohesive musical statement and an escape from the traditional heroic role of the soloist. In the moments of a single soloist, the orchestra backgrounds are designed to give different options - from static responses (Robinson on and we all fall down, Kaiser on Other Ideas) to slowly expanding/shifting backgrounds (Pask on mirror forgot, Dessen on Skeleton Key Theme) or modular lines to extend motion (Zakkak on Crows On The Roof, McGuane on the owl of brittany road). Notated sections serve multiple purposes - presentation of a musical situation, structural landmark, exit point, thematic unifier, etcetera. In general, the compositions seek to bridge the divide between individual and ensemble while giving the listener new perspectives on music making."


Ellen Weller - soprano saxophone, Bb clarinet, flute, piccolo
David Borgo - soprano and tenor saxophone, alto flute
Adnan Marquez - alto saxophone, flute, electronics, engineer
Dick McGuane - alto and tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet
Jason Robinson - tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet, alto flute, electronics
Andrew Pask - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Derek Cannon, Kris Tiner - trumpet, flugelhorn
Karl Soukup - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Sean Francis Conway - trumpet, didgeridoo
Jeff Kaiser - quarter tone trumpet, electronics
Kelley Elliott - horn
Michael Dessen, Dwight Dillon - trombone
Brandon Jagow - bass trombone, electric bass
Ernesto Botello, Jonathan Piper - tuba
Nazo Zakkak - piano + preparations, electric organ, pipe organ, synth
Rick Helzer, Bob Weller - piano
Scott Paulson - harp
Joe Bigham, Samuel Lopez, Tom McNally, Marcelo Radulovich - electric guitar/electronics
Jon Garner - nylon string acoustic guitar, electric guitar/electronics
Kristopher Apple, Gascia Ouzounian, Sunshine Vortigern - violin
Carolyn Tyler, Sarah Paik - cello
Justin Grinnell - acoustic bass, acoustic bass guitar, electric bass/electronics
Harley Magsino - acoustic bass, electric bass + guitar/electronics
Scott Walton - acoustic bass, piano
Marcos Fernandes, David Hurley - hand drums, percussion
Nate Atwood - drumkit, handclaps, electronics
Jon Szanto - percussion, vibraphone
Curtis Glatter - drumkit, percussion
Jeanette Kangas - drumkit, marimba
Nathan Hubbard - conducting, drumkit, frame 1/electronics/samples/drum machine, hand drums, percussion, mallets, piano/synth/wurlitzer, timpani, engineer, etc. 
Shadowfigure - drumkit, handclaps, drum loops, e drums, sound design
DJ Tenshun - turntables/electronics
Robert M - electronics
Nina Leilani - voice, tack piano
Greg Buhlert, Rafter Roberts, Molly Whittaker - voice
Roger Aplon, Sister Rez - poetry
Steve Langdon - engineer
Kirsten Callais - 2nd engineer

The Valley of Discovery Chorus - Kristopher Apple, Nate Atwood, Joe Bigham, Greg Buhlert, David Borgo, Kirsten Callais, Sean Francis Conway, Nina Leilani, Michael Dessen, Daniela Druhora, Kelley Elliott, b Suzanne Gage, Jon Garner, Justin Grinnell, Christopher Given Harrison, Rick Helzer, Kelly Hubbard, Nathan Hubbard, Brandon Jagow, Jeanette Kangas, Steve Langdon, Harley Magsino, Dick McGuane, Rafter Roberts, Jason Robinson, Scott Walton, Ellen Weller, Molly Whittaker, Nazo Zakkak. 

- solos - 
Crows On The Roof
- Obscuricon, Michael, Wormhole + Roger, Nazo - 
Mirror Forgot
- Orchestra, Andrew, Orchestra, Glatter/Hubbard, Scott, Tiner-Michael-Joe - 
- Roger, Sister Rez - 
And We All Fall Down
- Jason, Karl, Harley, Adnan, Tenshun - 
Furiously Dreaming
- strings, Derek, Andrew, Orchestra + VODC - 
Other Ideas
- Ellen, Sean, Borborygmus, Kaiser, BAOE - 
the owl of brittany road (specter of the late late night) 
- Nathan + Orchestra, Dick, Tiner/Tom/Justin, ARC Trio - 
Skeleton Key Theme
- Michael, Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed, Borgo - 

All compositions/lyrics/arrangements copyright Nathan Hubbard - Castor & Pollux Music 2009
The poetry of Sister Rez and Roger Aplon are their own. 
Produced, Edited and Mixed by Nathan Hubbard
Mastered by Steve Langdon, Langdon Productions 

Recorded December 30th 2007 - December 30th 2010 in San Diego County CA USA - at - Termite Studio, San Diego State University, Singing Serpent, St. Francis School for the Gifted Trombonist, DPH Studios, Langdon Productions and Palomar College. 
Adnans solo on And We All Fall Down was recorded on the other side of the world. Portions of sleep:dream:silence were recorded Summer 2005. 

Christopher Adler, Ward Baxter, James Andrew Burton, Jay Easton, Lee Elderton and Al Scholl should have been on this record. 

Extra big thanks to everyone involved for making this (furious) dream a reality. 
Thank you Adnan Marquez, Andrew Pask, Tom McNally, Kris Tiner and Michael Dessen for making it to San Diego. 
Thank you - Kelly, Julia, Elliott and Henry Hubbard, Rick Helzer, Steve Langdon (turrets), Nazo Zakkak, Ellen Weller, Pat Pfiffner, Barry Guy, Michael Dessen, Return To One (beginning), Kris Apple (multiplicity), Arthur Lyman, Gerry Hemingway, Andrea Wolper, Greg Buhlert (namer), Harley Dave Magsino, Scott Rosenberg, Billy Vaughn, Marcos Fernandes, Justin Grinnell (locksmith), New Art Orchestra, Riley Fleck, the Builders Association of Encinitas, Nina Deering (insistence), Borborygmus, Shadowfigure, the ghosts and the owl. 

Nate Atwood, this is all your fault. 
"How did we get here?" - David Golia
This way leads home.