The Apartment Homes Fake Book // Eron Rauch


The Apartment Homes Fake Book // Eron Rauch


The Apartment Homes Fake Book by Eron Rauch is a fractured account of love, loss, and photographic memory created during recovery years after the 2008 economic crash. Taking the form of a large-format photocopy manuscript, the disjointed and idiosyncratic mix of personal, found, and urban landscape images waver in a toner-stained haze of instability. Released in July 2015 by Orenda Records, this 92 page, staple-bound 11x17” book is the cumulation of an artistic dialog that with musician and composer Daniel Rosenboom that started with the 2014 album Fire Keeper.

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Artist's Statement:

During the recent economic crash and Great Recession, I, along with many Americans, became obsessed with the the feeling that that there is no possible way to assemble all the fragments of the past to make a future. My relationship was dissolving and even my art projects, previously so controlled and directed, were fracturing under the constant anxious assaults from these dragging years. But at one late-night experimental music warehouse show, a random conversation sparked my interest. It was revealed to me that the now-omnipresent bundles of bound sheet music that the musicians carried were born as bootleg song compilations made by the mob in the 30s and 40s. These “fake books” were notoriously riddled with errors, omissions, weird song selections, and smudged printing, but nonetheless became the foundation of the angular, undulating, improvised sounds of avant jazz.

With this shard of lost history in the back of my mind, I started weaving together images from everything I was working on in my studio and then some: rejected frames, mistakes, sketches, experiments, research images, and even personal snapshots. Working late at night in the local copy shop, neon lights buzzing, cheap coffee by my side, I basically started bootlegging my own artwork. In this flurry of papers, I focused on the ways that photographs respond to sequencing, implication, and resonance. 

In an unexpected turn, the deliberately incomplete bits and pieces of the Apartment Homes Fake Books that I handed out interested the Los Angeles-based trumpet player and composer, Daniel Rosenboom. We started exploring these images in a series of sets, compositions, and further volumes of photographs. Eventually a number of photographs became the inspiration for songs on the album Fire Keeper and that album inspired the second half of the book. I’m not sure if I found a way to bridge the vast chasm of history, but some small thread of catharsis emerged, pointing at the disjointed, painful, but richly layered present. 

—Eron Rauch, July 2015


Based in Los Angeles for the past decade, I initially started off deep in the suburban Midwest as an experimental musician, DIY comic zine producer, web designer, and general fan. Though it took me a while, I realized that I was a terrible musician, a worse comic artist, rather loathed cubicles, and was a deeply conflicted fan. Thankfully it wasn’t long before those underground communities led me to discover photography books, installation, essays, and curating underground art shows, all of which I still actively explore. While traipsing through the media-saturated periphery of America, I received my BFA in Photography from the Minneapolis College Of Art and Design and an MFA in Photography and Media from the California Institute of the Arts. Now I am a cultural wanderer in the shadowy borderlands between the traditional fine art world and the American subcultural & vernacular realm. So much of my work is rooted in the anxiety and dark humor that comes from having strong roots in these multiple communities with different, often conflicting, passions. From anime conventions to stucco apartment architecture; from Renaissance Faires to esports; from pen & paper role-playing games to origami folding; from 1870s art history to virtual worlds; from Harajuku fashion to EDM; each of my projects is founded on trying to unearth the hidden connections and latent desires which are the deepest currents washing over the lonely, personal geographies of the 21st century America.