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Daniel Rosenboom - C Cornet & Bb Trumpet 
Jake Vossler - Strat & Baritone Guitars 
Tina Raymond - Drums 

Dedicated to fierce, mind-bending improvisation, Trio Subliminal brings together three of Southern California's most inventive improvisers. Featuring Daniel Rosenboom on cornet and trumpet, Jake Vossler on strat and baritone guitars, and Tina Raymond on drums, this bold triumvirate stretches into the subconscious to channel wild expressions and dream-like explorations. Filled with abstract sonics, riling grooves, heavy riffs, and wild virtuosic abandon, Trio Subliminal presents an unrestrained exploration of the subconscious that is as earnest as it is radical.

Guitarist Jake Vossler and trumpeter/cornetist Daniel Rosenboom have had a long standing musical relationship stretching back over 15 years with numerous releases together across a wide range of styles and projects. The more recent connection with drummer Tina Raymond has yielded another dimension of improvisational perspective and context. All three musicians are bonafide experimentalists, bringing a highly adventurous spirit, instrumental virtuosity, and myriad stylistic influences to bear. The result is a nimble and dynamic sound that defies categorization and evokes the chimeric nature of subconscious thought.

Recorded in a single afternoon, in the same with no headphones or isolation, Trio Subliminal plays like a fever dream rife with fantastical imagery and other-worldly sounds. The spontaneous and reactive flow of the trio illustrates the ephemeral and psychic connection of musicians dedicated to unplanned expression and exploration. This collection of raw, unedited musical exchanges marks an auspicious debut for the Los Angeles trio, and forebodes a future filled with unusual and unpredictable music sure to rattle our ears and haunt our dreams.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Rosenboom at BoomHill Studio, Los Angeles, CA. 

Album Cover Image by Eron Rauch 
Cover Design by Daniel Rosenboom 

©(P) Daniel Rosenboom Music (ASCAP), 2019