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About Orenda Records

Orenda Records was founded in 2014 by composer, trumpet player, and producer Daniel Rosenboom and visual artist Eron Rauch. Rosenboom saw the potential to represent a new generation of creative musicians in Los Angeles and beyond by creating a fresh artist-centric platform. Rauch brought a fine-art sensibility to the albums to heighten the visual and tactile joy of the Orenda Records experience.

60+ releases and five years later, Orenda Records is “making its mark on contemporary jazz” (DownBeat Magazine) and putting out “fantastic albums of adventurous music” (New Classic LA). As the Sydney Morning Herald  noted last year, “As Orenda Records' catalogue expands, so does both the scope of its music and the significance of the LA-based label.”

In 2019, we are excited about putting out music that’s as unique as you. Long live the music.

selected PRESS quotes

“As Orenda Records' catalogue expands, so does both the scope of its music and the significance of the LA-based label.” https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/music-reviews-ry-cooder-chvrches-dave-hole-tori-forsyth-zack-teran-and-more-20180521-h10bm1.html

Orenda Records is a small Southern California label that punches above its weight. Run by Daniel Rosenboom, its recordings document the creation of a new sound and scene. Call it “Los Angeles Creative Music” if you will. Orenda’s offerings are informed by rock, modern classical, and jazz, and combine these genres in a natural, organic fashion. These are not jazz musicians who dabble in classical or vice-versa. Instead, Orenda’s musicians grew up in a post-Braxton era where musical styles are viewed on a continuum rather than as individual silos of expression.

Avant Music News has reviewed a number of Orenda’s recordings. Our coverage is far from comprehensive, but it does showcase some of the more interesting albums from the label. Enjoy. https://avantmusicnews.com/career-retrospectives/orenda-records/

“Curated by Daniel Rosenboom and Eron Rauch, Orenda Records seeks to represent and provoke adventurous work from the LA musical community and beyond, and this anniversary show represents both new directions and the label’s core. Label newcomers Snow Nerds kick off the festivities. Fiery bi-coastal electro-jazz-rock outfit, DR. MiNT, then celebrate the vinyl release of their epic new album, Voices In The Void. For a grand finale, label founder Daniel Rosenboom leads the Orenda Anniversary Orchestra, featuring many of Orenda Records’ visionary band-leaders and musicians. Orenda Records is a young label that is out-performing its age… a go-to resource for a younger group of musicians from the west coast that fall on various points of the rock / jazz / free improv / modern composition continuum.” —Mike Borella, Avant Music News http://www.bluewhalemusic.com/event/2017/1/29/orenda-records-3rd-anniversary-celebration

“...L.A. label making its mark on contemporary jazz. Founded in 2014 by trumpeter Daniel Rosenboom, Orenda Records has released boundary-pushing albums by pianist Cathlene Pineda, guitarist Alexander Noice and Rosenboom’s jazz-metal quartet Burning Ghosts.”

“Wonderful label”
“That’s one thing about your label I love, all the musicians come to this music with all of their ideas...There’s probably no standards on your label at all...well, maybe a couple!”
“Another thing about the label that’s really wonderful is the artwork. If you didn’t play a note of music and if you just had all these CDs and you have the artwork it’s extremely beautiful.”
“Amazing music.”