Falsetto Teeth

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ORENDA 0002Boiling High Idol | Falsetto Teeth

Falsetto Teeth. A visceral reaction to the top 40 drone that plagues the current airwaves. Falsetto Teeth's mix of pop melody and intricate rhythm schemes makes them stand out like puppy love in the midst of a mannequin orgy.

Alexander Noice - Vocals/Guitar
James Barry - Bass/Vocals
Cory Beers - Drums/Vocals

"Wonderfully playful and chaotic, like a Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoon if Nels Cline and Melt Banana were doing the chasing."
— LA Undergorund

"They are completely eclectic. Instinct said to categorize them, but i couldn’t. Just when I thought I had them pegged, they would change it up on me. One song might contain two or three different genres, which may sound like it would be messy and disengaging, but they seamlessly managed to pull it off. They found a way to make each and every one of their songs uniquely bold and interesting..."
— Loudvine.com

" a carefully crafted, epic, ever-shifting melange that comes across like the brain-shredding soundtrack to a very weird, and distinctly dangerous, underground circus."
— Sepiachord.com

"A typical Falsetto Teeth song is far from typical.Instead, it’s like going on a road trip without a map while your weird friend with ADD spins through the radio dial. Between the jarring transitions are pop melodies, snippets of jazz, and blasts of noise. And somehow, it all makes sense."
— Ebola Music Records

"The making of Falsetto Teeth's newest album Boiling High Idol was definitely the most ambitious step for this band since its formation in 2008. Having gained considerable experience in the recording and production processes over the past several years, I was very intrigued by the idea of combining these skills with the highly unique and intricate sound that I have developed compositionally since establishing this band six years ago. In selecting the material I wanted to use for this album (some of which dates back to 2010, while other songs were created during the actual recording process), my goal was to orchestrate an organic aural experience that would bring listeners out of their heads and engulf them in the surreal sound world these recordings embody and convey.

"While retaining our explosive and dynamic live sound—in combination with an arsenal of otherworldly instruments and noisemaking gadgetry whose effects are best achieved through the studio process—the result is a rich and dense, ever-shifting sonic palette that is in many ways more relatable to a cinematic experience than merely listening to a collection of songs. Establishing an organic cohesiveness throughout the album as a whole was very important to me. Though the process was grueling at certain points, the outcome is something I am very proud of, and it excites me greatly to to finally be able to share this work with an audience beyond those who attend my live performances. 

"The collaborative effort, musicianship and aesthetic input from drummer Cory Beers and bassist James Barry was crucial in unifying the carefully planted details and subtleties in this record. Though the choices in this production and recording process were a departure from previous recordings and live shows, the music is still grounded in the cohesive sound that has been developed by all the musicians in the group. The density and complexity of the album makes for an exhilaratingly fun and intriguing listen that can be appreciated by people from all walks of life and musical tastes.  Falsetto Teeth's Boiling High Idol will be released in the spring of 2014 on Orenda Records."

— Alexander Noice


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