The Birth of Orenda

Orenda Records was born out of a desire to bring the listening experience back to a place of ritual. For musicians, the act of creating music is sacred practice, and for artists of all kinds, craft is of paramount importance.

Art and commerce are complex partners, but they do go hand in hand. Our aim here is to champion art and music designed for an immersive experience. From promoting music that takes the listener on a journey, to presenting this music in beautiful packaging, hand crafted and designed with the same dedication and care as the music, we provide our audience with a true ritual indeed. Pull the record off the shelf. Spin it. Listen. Look. Touch. Feel. Experience.

Photograph by Eron Rauch. Taken at Kingsize Soundlabs while The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet recorded Fire Keeper, Orenda's debut release.

The word Orenda comes from an Iroquois term for a mystical, spiritual force present in all things by which can manifest, create and accomplish anything. Artists harness this energy instinctively, and pour it into their work as a matter of duty and principle, and we want to give that kind of artistry a home.

Rather than follow the current industry model of fracturing the listening experience by ever-expanding categorical genre distinctions, and by catering to a waning attention span of the mass public, we want to present music that transcends genre, that touches something deep in our inner humanity.

What you can expect from Orenda Records is great music of astounding breadth, beautiful presentation, and a dedication to artistry that comes from a personal mandate. Every release will be unique. Every release will be beautiful. Every release will be something worth having, that will enrich your life for years to come.

Thank you for finding us, and stay tuned for debut wave of releases in 2014!