Photograph by Eron Rauch

Photograph by Eron Rauch

richard lloyd giddens, jr.

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ORENDA 0046Mimosas | Richard Lloyd Giddens, Jr. 

Bassist Richard Giddens has performed throughout the world with such artists as Charlie Haden, STOMP, The Lost and Found Orchestra, Robert Glasper, Larry Goldings, Ideal Bread, Burning Ghosts, Joe LaBarbara, Mary Halvorson and many others.  He is also a current faculty member teaching Jazz Studies at Fresno State. Giddens is a Tzadik, and Orenda Records recording artist.

"Mr. Giddens created small, rumbling hail storms, adding notes of terror, saving the [music] from [its] starkness."
New York Times (live concert review)

"...short and sweet developed first from simple walking bass that diverges into rapid, scales, slow interludes, fast thrumming and a bit of a bass panic attack at one point. You can’t tear your ears away – magic."
—Sammy Stein, Jazz In Europe (from a review of Burning Ghosts' Reclamation)

"Richard Giddens maintained the stormy avant legacy of Sunny Murray and Henry Grimes, and, in the midst of polyrhythmic crescendos, kept the dedicated crowd undecided whether to bang heads, funktwitch or skank (but the headbang won)."
—Fuzzy Burns, (live concert review)

"Giddens showcases a pointed, resonant essay that ratchets the excitement quotient...incredibly hip charm."
—Robert Bush, All About Jazz (from a review of Daniel Rosenboom's Astral Tranference & Seven Dreams)

"[Giddens] and [Coye] interact with a connection eerily reminiscent of the Fred Hopkins—Steve McCall tandem in Henry Threadgill's Air—seamlessly tailoring a deep, sturdy pocket."
—Robert Bush, All About Jazz (from a review of Gavin Templeton's Ballast)

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