Weston/Saxon Groove Assembly


ORENDA 0018 - Acceleration | Weston/Saxon Groove Assembly

Grant Calvin Weston - Drums
Jonathan Saxon - Congas, Mbira, Electric Mbira, Clave, Bells, Rainstick, Orchestral Bells, Bowed Cymbal, Cowbell, Berimbau, Shakers
Wayne Peet - Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ, Synthesizer, Clavinet
Steuart Liebig - Basses, Electronics, Loops

"A distance from here
to there is where I am. 

These are the first lines from Steve Shelton's poem, "Acceleration," which is also the title of the new release by the Weston/Saxon Groove Assembly (Orenda Records). Coincidentally, Shelton's opening line fits perfectly with the back story of how this recording came together. "A distance from here, to there"...Philadelphia to Los Angeles. 

Legendary drummer Grant Calvin Weston (Philly) and percussionist Jonathan Saxon (L.A.) first collaborated in August 2014 when they recorded the drum and percussion duet, "Road Trip to Downey" (track #5). The chemistry and deep grooves of "Road Trip" inspired Weston to suggest bringing in a few more musicians to record a full length album. With great enthusiasm, Saxon invited Steuart Liebig (bass, electronics) and Wayne Peet (keyboards, engineer, producer) to participate in the project. Along with their brilliant performances, Liebig and Peet's compositions were an immense contribution to the album, as were Peet's remarkable skills as an engineer and producer. 

"Imagine a dream
suspended from a wire
so that it can move freely
as the wire disappears into
the axis of rotation, 
the center of the dream." 

Imagine the diverse collaboration of Grant Calvin Weston (Ornette Coleman, James "Blood" Ulmer, Lounge Lizards), Steuart Liebig (Julius Hemphill, Eddie Harris, G.E. Stinson), Wayne Peet (Nels Cline, John Rapson, Alex Cline), and Jonathan Saxon (Armored Saint, Vogel/Saxon Duo). At the center of their dream they found groove, improvisation, and experimentation. 

"Constraints and motion, 
and degrees of freedom
Time and gravity
bring the up... down." 

...and by "bring the up...down," I'm talking about the proverbial "up for the down stroke!" Sit back, relax, and take a ride with the Weston/Saxon Groove Assembly.